I’m a painter and Illustrator, currently residing in the Arts Colony in Pomona, CA. I majored in Illustration and graduated with highest distinction from Art Center College of Design in 2016.

My work focuses on the collective unconsciousness, or the unconscious mind, which is derived from the ancestral memory and experience that is common to all humankind. My drawings and paintings attempt to explore this state through the reoccurring images, archetypes and narrative themes of mythology.

Since 2004, I have been working professionally as a freelance illustrator / graphic artist primarily in the field of print advertising, brand development and multimedia-marketing, story-boarding and editorial Illustration. I have served a diverse clientele base, including mortgage banking; real estate; hospitality; aviation; healthcare and insurance industries.

A large part of my work experience has been under the tutelage of The Design League, where I have served as a lead designer / illustrator on select projects. This includes design and layout through the production of print collateral, web graphics, email marketing and various elements for multimedia. I also have experience communicating directly with project managers, marketing directors and vendors on most projects. 

In 2013, my Illustration work was featured by Macy’s State Street in Chicago ( Project Window Competition - Best Overall Design Winner) and was again featured in 2015.

My current focus has been painting and freelance Illustration.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Art/Design Pop-Up Show / Moods of Norway / Los Angeles,CA

Group Shows

2019 Velvet Ropes ‘19 / 0-0 Gallery / Los Angeles,CA

2018 All Media ‘18 / Irvine Fine Art Center/ Irvine,CA

2018 Sea Witch Space Witch / Modern Love / New York,NY

2017 Men I Love / Modern Love / New York,NY

Instagram - paullucidostudio

Email: paul.lucidoii@thedesignleague.com